Artist Interview: Mully (Spottommy)

1. Who are you?

I am Vince Mulville.

2. What do you do?

I am the producer behind “Mully” and head of management at Emengy/M&G Recordings.

3. Why do you do it?

I have an insanely huge passion in helping artists succeed and reach greater heights in their career. I also love creating dance music grooves!

4. Anybody who participates in the creative process puts part of themselves into what they do. When you make music, how do you express yourself and how does it influence the final result?

I write music to express my inner feelings I guess. And its also a huge passion for me.  Its hard for me to pin point specifically what inspires me the most about writing a record.  I enjoy creating something original from essentially nothing - which in addition, is how Emengy started.

5. Aside from making music, what do you do?

I am head of management at Emengy/M&G Recordings.  So that basically involves everything you can think of that needs to be taken care of within a record label.

6. Do you get more girls because you're a musician? I hear that guys who walk around with a guitar attract women. Do you ever walk around with some DJ equipment?

Guys with guitars definitely get more women.  I always walk around with a pair of Technics, but it doesn’t seem to get me any farther with women.

7. What's the best joke you know?

Spottommy.  JK :)

8. Recently you were the guest mixer for the [emengy] podcast. What was that like? Tell us what is up with these podcasts?

The Emengy Podcast is a very diverse project that features many different styles of electronic music.  For me, creating the Emengy Podcast was a perfect evolution from my previous podcast “System Sessions”. It’s great because it allows my involvement to be 100% transparent. Doing episode 21 as “Mully” was a lot of fun for me though. I was able to showcase quite a few tracks that I’ve been listening to lately along with some classics.

9. What do you have planned for the next year? 

This year we have a lot planned within Emengy including loads of new releases and remixes, live events, custom projection visuals and lots more. A big focus for Emengy this year will be artist development and live events to support our releases.  Regarding my own personal productions, I am currently working on some original material, along with some exciting collaborations with other Emengy artists.

10. I have always wanted to jump into an Olympic sized swimming pool filled with Jell-o... also to fall from 10 km up through layers of Saran Wrap spaced about 10 feet apart... Do you think you could arrange either of these things? Oh, and what are some of your dreams?

I do not think I could arrange any of those dreams for you. Maybe on a smaller scale we could set you up with a little baby pool filled with jello that you could bathe in.  As far as my dreams go thats a tough one!  I would like to see everyone working with Emengy reach their ultimate goal in the industry. In addition i would like to see Emengy grow as a network, community and label to a level never before seen.

11. What's the biggest downfall of being part of the music industry? What the best thing about it?

In my opinion, the worse part would have to be the lack of appreciation for how hard artists actually work to just create one project or record.  Best thing about it would be that you get to wake up and do what you love everyday!

12. Have you done anything exciting lately? (tell us about it)

Last week my good friend Dustin Hogan asked me to be a guest speaker at Stylus College of Music and Sound Technology for one of the classes he is teaching.  That was a super cool experience for me personally, the label and also for everyone who attended the info session.

13. How do you set yourself apart, what makes you different than everybody else making music out there?

In all honesty, my main focus is geared towards expanding and developing artists under Emengy. As far as my own productions, probably staying true to myself and not giving myself any boundaries has allowed me to expand my sound.

14. Diamonds are a girls best friend... they are very expensive. A dog is a mans best friend... they sniff other dogs butts. What is the main difference between men and women?

Men are animals, but some of them make great pets.

15. If someone wrote a biography on your life would it be worth reading? What are a few key points that would be in it? What would it be titled?

I think people would get a kick out of my biography haha.  Lots of ups and downs. No idea what it would be called though… Maybe “Don’t Read This Book” haha. But seriously, I have no idea…Im not ready for a biography yet!!

16. Describe your music in a few words. 

Deep, underground, sophisticated dance music.

17. Do you speak any other languages?


18. Who puts on the best live show?

Wow. Tough one. deadmau5 has a lot going on in his sets, and always pushes the boundaries. If I had to pick, maybe Infected Mushroom. But again thats a tough question.

19. What does being creative mean to you? 

Creativity means freedom to me. Expressing yourself in any form of art is such a natural high I find. I think many others can agree with me on that!

20. Boy bands came and never left, unfortunately. However, you remind me of one (or all) of the Backstreet Boys. Which one do you think you are most like?

Man that’s wild. I don’t even know what they look like.

21. What's the best movie ever?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

22. Where do you see the EDM scene going in the future?

I hope it continues to evolve and incorporate other genres.  Currently it seems to be reaching a sort of climax as far as that “big room” mainstream sound goes. I think it will be important in the future that artists continue to push the envelope with their productions and creativity.

23. Music draws a lot of emotion for many people. Do you hope to draw something in particular from your listeners or do you just go with what you feel? What goes on for you when you are making tracks?

Generally I hope the listener gives the record a chance and is open to new sounds. Most of my records and ideas come straight from my personal emotions. When I’m sitting in the studio working on a track or remix, I really just try to keep it simple and essentially not think about anything except for what grooves are on my mind, and what direction i can take them within my track.

24. You have been doing a lot of work with and for [emengy]... tell the folks what's going on with that.

Yeah, Emengy has been the main and primary focus for me and Mully’s productions have unfortunately suffered from that - BUT I am totally fine with this.  Again to keep it simple - This year Emengy will focus on artist development along with live events and creating custom visuals for our artists.  We have many releases planned for both Emengy and M&G Recordings with the hopes of reaching new heights in the industry.

25. Anything you have to add?

Thanks for the interview bro, and everyone be sure to lookout for some new Emengy/Spottommy collab gear!!









Interview by: Spottommy