Nostalgia: Album Review (Electro Wow)

Mully brings his ethereal and Electronica music on his newest album ‘Nostalgia’. It also features songs under the Hip-Hop genre and of course interesting collaborations with other artists. In general, you’ll feel comfortable after listening to all the 12 tracks. There are calming vibes and singular sounds in each tune. Nice instrumental arrangements and melody changes. I am sure that my review comes short of its goals, but one important goal has been reached, the discovery of an amazing talent!


My solo album ‘Nostalgia’ is now available in both digital and hardcopy through the Emengy label! It’s been a super long journey and an incredible experience to work with so many talented people on this project. Some of these tracks date back as far as 2008, so I implore anyone who is willing to take a listen to this, to keep an open mind. Huge shout out to my good friends: Nubia Esmeralda Leiva, Darnell Richier, Dustin Hogan, David Randt, Michael Gaba, Dan Tait, Kyhan Smith, and Jenncast Dreamstation for being part of this and helping me finish this up!! And to everyone has ever supported me, you know who you are

– I love you and thank you.

Words by: Electro Wow