Nostalgia: Album Review (Wetcoast Beats)

Album Review by Condens8, courtesy of Wetcoast Beats

I don't know if many of you have heard of this guy, but I have only known Mully as the main man behind the Abbotsford based Emengy crew. The are known to throw ragin'  Heavy Bass Music parties that occasionally feature  Wetcoast Heavy Bass DJs Inkredamine and Vacuity. I never really knew he produced, and this album was totally unexpected. The Nostalgia LP is a deep, tasteful piece of work that combines a variety of unique ingredients.... a hybrid mixture of organic and electronic sounds, hip hop + deep + ethereal. Vocal Chops, spoken word, and excellent MCing, This album really covers what I like to hear when I need to relax and think deeply. Because of how awesome this album is....I'm giving you a full run through, here it goes.... 

Track one "Horizons" starts on a somber note, with strings building up a feeling of sadness and anxiety, that eventually ends up being eased by the same instruments that brought the sorrow. This blends into track 2 "Nostalgia" which is a deep hip hop beat, featuring beautiful vocal chops and melodies that bring you back to when you first started listening to beats that were a little out of the ordinary, for me it was DJ shadow, RJD2 and Ratatat.

The mood changes back to a  more dark vibe as Inception is deep & dark, but also atmospheric, and somewhat hopeful. The soundscapes are beautiful, and I could imagine this being played at BassCoast or the Living Room at Shambhala. Throughout the song are subtle spoken words from what sounds like a child, which sends chills down your spine Almost something that Truth or Distance would make, but so unique in Mully's own kind of way. 

The next song "A Little Less Crying" brings back the hip hop vibes, this time with an acoustic guitar playing the lead over heart-wrenching vocals from Nubia. This one has no vocal chops like the last hip hop one, rather, it showcases Nubia's elegant voice in its pure form.  Track five follows this last hip-hop beat with some solid organic MCing in "Recurrence" from Darnell Richier. The beat is reminiscent of 90's hip-hop as there are no shiny things to distract you from a straight solid beat and conscious rap. 

Mully goes deeper with "Meadowbank" which starts off with beautiful vocal chops that you expect to evolve into a chillstep beat. Instead goes into a deep, atmospheric trap beat. Once again, amazing soundscapes run along this track as Mully keeps its classy and keeps the energy levels modest, slowly progressing to a various interludes that really give you that "rainy day" kind of feel. 

Track 7, Haunt me or Love Me, is another hip hop rhythm with the beautiful vocals of Nubia. This time hes teaming up with The Purple Razors, and the beat is somber and spacey. 

For Track 8, the pace really picks up as Mully starts off with a two step intro that is similar to Seven Lions or Rameses B. Expecting Dubstep, I am delightfully surprised when the beat goes into a 4x4 and drops into an Electro beat that has accompanying wobbles that are right on point. The beat then ends just as it started as Mully really flexes his production skills with a slick two step finish. 

The Hip-hop comes back with a chilling beat "Secstacy". Creepy let sexual, this beat feels pretty naughty and spooky at the same time. I cant put my finger on who this reminds me off, but it's definitely a cool beat that gives me ideas as soon as I close my eyes and bob to the beat.

This is followed by his upbeat Truth, as Mully explores uncharted territory with a really smooth deep house tune. Featuring Gaba and Dan Tait, it follows the formula of Deep House, but definitely has its own unique flavor. 

Track 11 "Revelation" takes two of the albums performers as Nubia's cathartic voice laces the chorus with Darnell Richier bringing the real talk. Nubia even gets a singing voice in the middle over-top an organic hip hop beat, this time held down by a piano melody.

Track 12 "The Disciplined Dreamer" - For the closing track of the album, Mully really does something special. Dustin hogan provides inspirational spoken word, as he says the goal of life is not about achieving your dreams, but should rather be becoming the best human you can be in the process. As the energy continues to build. Dustin's extended intro finishes off his extended intro. This is followed off by a beautiful progressive house tune that reminds me of Zedd, or Singularity but is once again touched with a beautiful Mully touch.  Dustin comes back for an interlude and brings more inspiration as he inspires you with the concept of being a "disciplined dreamer" ; someone who makes the sacrifices needed to truly pursue their dreams. 

As a dreamer myself, this album really inspires me. We sort of have similar pasts in that we both started our own crews, invested a lot of time, and potentially forgot our own dreams in the process. This album coincides with myself re-discovering my passion for my music, and I truly think is a gem that comes straight from the heart. I was really stoked to release my "Sell Your Soul Mixtape" on the Emengy Podcast just last week (also embedded in the footer for your listening enjoyment).


I hope Mully has more releases soon because we also seem to share a same passion lineage of acoustic, hip hop, and bass music. I am very excited to work with him more in the future and I hope he can teach me a thing or two as I enter the world of production ....finally. 

Check out Mully's Website at  and follow him on Soundcloud

Also Make sure you follow his record label Emengy on Soundcloud, YouTubeMixcloud, and Snag Mully's "Nostalgia" as well as a bunch of other great tunes on the Emengy Beatport.